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Once protected, speed up wordpress site users have to log in to access your secure site content. To copy complete website we would recommend users to use WordPress Migrator Plugin. Which FTP client do you use? In this article, we will introduce what a .htaccess file is and walk you through how to use it to password protect your entire WordPress website, certain pages, as well as files. WordPress web directory password protection allows you to secure and manage your content on a web server level.

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First, log in to MariaDB database and create an installation database for WordPress and a user with the proper password for installing and managing WordPress CMS, by issuing the below commands. Once the plugin has finished installing you can click the ‘Activate Now’ link to activate the plugin. You will now see the plugin appear in the list which you are presented with, all you need to do is click on the ‘Install Now’ link under the plugin name. You now need to add your contact form somewhere on your blog and I always find this works well as a separate page with the name ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ but the choice is yours, for this example I’m going to add mine to the ‘About Us’ page which is automatically created when you install a new copy of WordPress.

You will now be able to enter a search term, enter the name of the plugin ‘Contact Form 7’ and click ‘Search plugins’. How to add the contact form is simple enough, if you go over to the left where all your tabs are you will see a new tab called ‘Contact’ – click it to go to the contact form settings.

If you are happy with the tags and the email addresses it has added you can simple copy the text it tells you to or you can add in or take out any tags you would like and change the email address before you copy the text. What happens when you change the homepage?

Site Manager and click the New Site button toward the bottom left-hand side. 2. On the left side of the panel is Add New Category. Once there, click on the plugins tab over on the left hand side and then the ‘Add New’ tab. Once you have copied the information click on the ‘Pages’ tab.